Bramwel Baraza exhilarates as he receives his Dues

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paulKituo Cha Sheria (KITUO) has been in the fore front in ensuring justice is accorded to all. One core thematic areas of KITUO’s mandate is labour. Bramwel Baraza Livoi has all the reasons to smile after KITUO’s intervention in his predicament. He got his dues of about 1 Million Kenya Shillings.

About his case;
Bramwel Baraza Livoi was engaged by SEURECA consulting engineers, an international engineering company to supervise Lavington-Riruta sewerage project, the project clients were Athi water services. After signing the contract, he raised an invoice which was not honored without any explanation. He worked diligently without any pay, when he went to claim his dues he realized he had been adopted by Xenocon, a local consulting engineering company that had entered into a joint venture with SEURECA without his consent. Later on he got a letter from SEURECA consulting engineers directing him to deal now directly with Xenocon, a company he had not signed any contract with and did not understand the level of engagement.

His encounter with Kituo Cha Sheria;
After several unfruitful attempts to get his dues, Livoi decided to seek legal assistance. He approached Law Society of Kenya (LSK) who directed him to Kituo Cha Sheria. He came to Kituo Cha Sheria towards the end of February 2015 where he met a KITUO lawyer and arbitrator, Paul Elkington. After narrating the whole ordeal, Paul Elkington decided to take up the matter and wrote a demand letter to SEURECA consulting engineers where Bramwel Baraza had signed his contract demanding the pay and failure to which the matter proceeds to court to ensure justice is granted.
SEURECA consulting engineers engaged Iseme,Kamau & Maema advocates who responded to Kituo Cha Sheria and agreed to settle the matter out of court as per article 159 of the Constitution of Kenya that provides for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism. SEURECA consulting engineers through Iseme,Kamau & Maema advocates agreed to pay Bramwel Baraza Livoi his dues as agreed in the signed contract.
It was all smiles and reprieve for Livoi as he receives his cheque of Ksh. 1,050,000 from Paul Elkington who relentlessly got into constant but thorough negotiations with Iseme,Kamau & Maema advocates to ensure justice was done.

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