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Far right - Kamukunji Community Justice Centre Coordinator with visitors at the Centre
Far right – Kamukunji Community Justice Centre Coordinator with visitors at the Centre

James Mwangi is a share holder and member of Omega Jua-Kali Association. He was allocated Plot No. B232 in Njiru Location in Embakasi in 1999. In 2005 he started construction work on the piece of land but the construction stalled due to inadequate funds. However, on visiting the site in September 2014, he realized that someone else had begun construction on the same site. On 3rd March 2015, James Mwangi, approached Kamukunji Community Justice Centre asking for legal advice and possible assistance against illegal sale and transfer of his parcel of  land L.R.No. B232. Upon investigation,  the justice centre established that the same piece of land was sold to Mary Wanja by members and officials of Omega Jua-Kali Association in collaboration with Nairobi City County officials for Kshs. 480,000 without Mwangi’s knowledge after realizing that the development on the said plot had stalled.

Kamukunji Community Justice Centre intervened and issued a demand letter to the Director, Nairobi City County Housing Development Department (HDD). The parties were invited for a mediation meeting on 12th March 2015. Each party was advised to avail relevant documents regarding legal ownership of the contested land. The meeting established that Jane Wanjiru Mbugua, (deceased) was the registered proprietor of the land in question. Jane Wanjiru Mwangi was James Mwangi’s biological mother hence her heir apparent and had the right to apply and be registered as the administrator of the deceased’s estate. The centre further established that records held at HDD office indicated James Mwangi as the registered owner of Plot No. B-232. The contested land has since reverted to James Mwangi.

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