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mo-kamukunjiA three day legal aid activity in Kamukunji organized by Kituo Cha Sheria ended on 15th September, 2016 at Muyuyu, Eastleigh Third Avenue where over 110 clients were attended to by Kituo lawyer Maureen Thuo and Paralegals from the Kamukunji Community Justice Centre.

Previously Legal Aid clinics were held at Kiambui, PAG church which saw 110 clients attended to and at the Assistant Chief’s camp, opposite California Police station in California ward where over 60 clients were attended to. A total of over 280 clients, drawn from various parts of Kamukunji Sub County were attended to during the entire three – part legal aid clinic activity.

Addressing the participants yesterday, Airbase Location chief, Minicah Hamisi Otieno welcomed and appreciated the initiative by Kituo Cha Sheria, coming to the grassroots and helping community members. She encouraged residents to feel free to present their legal questions or problems saying that the lawyer and paralegals present could help and save them a great deal since the services were free.

Kamukunji Community Justice Centre Cordinator, Ezekiel Njenga thanked Kituo staff who participated in the activities and paralegals from the centre for having contributed greatly to the success of the activity. “We started on a little bit low note in Kiambiu but I am happy we are finishing on a high note here at Muyuyu, Eastleigh. Throughout the process, we have learnt various lessons and we have room for improvement next time,” he said
Nuria Abdi, a resident at Muyuyu, Eastleigh confirmed that residents in the area have got many problems that require legal help/advice. According to her, family and marital problems were top on the list affecting residents (including her) in the area.

“We hope that the intervention by Kituo will at least see us breathe a sigh of relief and hope for tangible legal help since our efforts to local authorities and even the police have proved futile,” she said. She remembers her husband leaving her in April this year for another woman within the same locality. The husband, whom she identified as Abdikadir chased her away with their three young children from the house claiming that Nuria had continually given birth to girls whereas he wished to have boys.

Since then, Nuria, who is currently pregnant, has been living in abject poverty with her three children. She says getting the daily food is a hurdle, leave alone school fees for her children.
Nuria compares the life she and her children are living to that of an asylum seeker. She says many more women experience the same problem in the area and it is their hope that the intervention of Kituo Cha Sheria will offer a ray of hope in salvaging them and restoring, dignity and womanhood to them. The CRADLE-The Children’s Foundation joined Kituo at Muyuyu, Eastleigh to deal with children rights matters.

Kituo Cha Sheria.

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