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The promulgation of the Kenyan Constitution 2010 brought into place concerns about the urgency for land reform. Land reforms hold the key to solving some of Kenya’s greatest challenges such as landlessness, community cohesion, food security and sustainable development. Land reforms lie at the heart of the work of the National Land Commission (NLC) and Kituo cha Sheria and they are also at the heart of many Kenyan communities who live, work and rely on land.

This informed this collaboration between our two organizations to put together a collection of important information which goes a long way in educating these communities about their land rights.

The mission of the National Land Commission is to get Kenyans enjoying the benefits of land reform and better land governance; help Kenyans realize tenure security, so that everyone can reach their full potential in accessing, using and owning land.

Kituo’s mission is to promote and protect land rights through legal aid, legal empowerment, legal education, advocating for the implementation of the land laws and strategic litigation.

The land rights advocacy platforms offered by Kituo Cha Sheria in our community based Justice Centers from helped identify the knowledge gap on land rights across Kenya. Parts focusing on land adjudication, succession and Frequently Asked Questions were part of Kenyans’ request to be enlightened on land rights. We present a comprehensive publication which we hope goes a long way in filling a gap that Kenyans feel exists and may you be enlightened and #KnowYourLandRights!

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Gertrude Angote- Kituo cha Sheria

Dr. Fibian Lukalo- The National Land Commission.

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