Only two days until 16 days of Activism starts!

UncategorizedNovember 23, 20150 CommentsKituo Cha Sheria

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It´s Monday and only two days left until 16 days of activism starts. To get you inspired, here´s a couple of different campaign videos that tackle issues such as gender inequality, domestic violence, sexual assault and consent.



With the different campaigns shown in this blog post, you see that these issues are everywhere because there is no region of the world, no country and no culture in which women’s freedom from violence has been secured. It is campaigns such as 16 days of activism, #heforshe, the girl effect, #nomore, “I decide” etc. that reminds the world society of the issues and encourage people to take a stand.

Which one did you find the most interesting? Let us know and comment below

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