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Grace Omuyaku (Center) receives her cheque from Kituo Advocate John Mwariri as Kituo’s Boniface Muinde looks on.

The story of Grace Omuyaku adds up to the many success stories that Kituo boasts of having successfully assisted its clients get justice.

Kituo cha Sheria (KITUO) is an organization that has for long been in the forefront in pursuing justice for the indigent in society. Since Grace was introduced to Kituo, she has been on a journey with the assistance of Kituo for the last seven years. The persistence on this journey has finally seen a smile back on her long forlorn face; and long may it continue.

What’s the Story…

Grace worked for Telecom Kenya as a personal secretary for over 20 years until 2006 when she and other employees approaching 50 years of age were retrenched. In December the same year, she was paid a lump sum amount of Ksh. 800,000 by the company (Telkom).

After consultation, Grace sought to invest the money in a Nairobi based company called NOSKCID (Africa) Asset Management Limited. Here, she was supposed to be receiving Ksh. 20,000 per month as interest from her investment for six month then she renews the investment upon wish.

“That only worked for a period of the first six month, then the first four month of the renewed investment, though through struggle,” she recalls.

Her encounter with Kituo cha Sheria.

Thereafter, the company went silent, never to deposit any more money to her account or even notify her of anything. It was during this ordeal, in 2009 when a friend of hers (Teresa, former client at Kituo) referred her to Kituo cha Sheria for legal assistance.

She remembers Kituo receiving her warmly and the first step was writing to the company seeking to resolve the matter out of court. These efforts proved futile as the company ignored the letter and the matter proceeded to court.

Since Grace could not afford raising court and related fees, Kituo helped her document a pauper application which succeeded. After going through the long court process the court ruled that Grace be paid a decree of Ksh. 879,852. The company did not honor this ruling either, to their shock, Grace and Kituo found out that the company had transferred all its assets to an unknown location. This meant that even auctioneering the company’s property was not a possibility. In 2015, the high court ordered that the directors of the company be summoned and when they appeared their lawyers claimed that the company had wound up. Instead the directors proposed to be paying Grace Ksh.50, 000 per month, starting May the same year only to do it for only one month and stopped.

March 2016, Kituo filed an application to the magistrate for notice to show cause why the director cannot be committed to civil jail or pay the amount and in June 15th, 2016, the court issued a warrant of arrest for the directors risking commitment to civil jail.

This signaled to the defendant (director) that things were getting worse and so a day later, on 20th June, 2016 he gave out a cheque of Ksh. 100,000 through Kituo lawyer, John Mwariri- defender of the poor-handed over to Grace Omuyaku, in the presence of another Kituo Officer Boniface Muinde at Kituo cha Sheria gardens. The defendant has further proposed with permission of court to be paying in installments until the whole amount now standing at Ksh. 1.6M is cleared.

Now that gives Grace a ray of hope and a smile on her face. She says that she hopes all will be well and gives a big thank you to Kituo cha Sheria for walking with her this long journey to see to it that justice prevails and the rights of those habitually trodden are upheld.


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