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Susan Kavesa worked for a certain family as a house help here in Nairobi. During the March 2013 elections, she requested permission to go upcountry so that she could exercise her democratic right by voting. After a few days, she returned only to be informed that she had been fired. They were not even sorry for her condition that they had not given earlier notice. However, with some knowledge of her rights as a worker; she notified the employer that she was supposed to have been given a one month notice before termination. However, this was just taken lightheartedly by her boss.


Susan Kavesa (Client) and Boniface Muinde (kituo)
She was advised by friends to go to the Kenya union of domestic, hotels, Educational institutions and hospital workers where she was supposed to pay a Kshs 100 registration and an equal amount every month as a membership fee. The union did for her demand letters that were taken to her former employer. However, he did not respond nor answer their demands. As the law requires, further action was supposed to be taken when the employer declined to respond to the demand letter but the union referred her to Kituo cha Sheria.
Boniface of Kituo took over her case and filed new demand letters negotiating an additional of Kshs 100,000 more than what the union had negotiated. This was within the law as the employer was supposed to remit NSSF, NHIF and failure to give notice for the employee.
A week later, his employer came to Kituo offices and was now willing to negotiate for the amount that he owed Susan.
Susan expresses her gratitude to Kituo for assistance accorded as she has now been able to pay her debts for the period that she was unemployed as well as buy one and a half acre piece of land for her children.

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